In 1967, John purchased a 1959 convertible Reliant Regal. This used an Austin 7 design, 750cc side-valve motor. John travelled all over England and Wales in this vehicle.

Later in 1967, John built a much more trendy beach buggy from a bog-standard 1200cc VW Beetle. Didn't need any performance tuning for it was so light. However, the engine went into valve bounce at 70mph!!!

1968, and time to buy a Ford Cortina MkI 2 door, 1200cc, chrome widies, racing shift (you know the type of thing!).

This lasted a very long time (for John!) until he moved to Sydney, Australia in 1971 and purchased a Holden HR Station Wagon. With it's 2 speed auto' it didn't "go" and without a heater was very cold through that winter.

Then, later in 1971 came John's first new car - a Valiant VG wagon (245 Hemi).

This is 1972; Carol with our second car (a 750cc Mini) purchased for $250 from a Wrecker!

Somehow John traded in a perfectly acceptable 4 litre Valiant on a Toyota Corolla fitted with 2 speed Toyoglide transmission later in 1972.

An Isuzu Bellet was purchased in 1973 as a "get to work" car - boy were those swing axles interesting when taking corners quickly!

Somewhere in here fitted a metallic gold coloured VH Valiant Regal .....

..... closely followed by a Cortina TD 2 litre Station Wagon which got written off far too quickly in a (not John's fault!) accident.

In 1976 John purchased a Mazda Capella RX2 - he just loved that rotary, but not much fun with the kids strapped in the back and having to wait for the motor to warm up before driving off - "she who must be obeyed" didn't like this one .....

...... so along came an ex-government, white, Valiant VJ Station Wagon in 1978. Just in time for Lisa to come home from hospital!

And, at around this time a Morris 1100 became the cheap, get to work, car.

In 1981 it was time for something completely different.....
A "Daihatsu Wide 55" (as in inches!) fitted with seating for 6 (including two Recarro seats - from the Valiant) and a 550cc engine! Very strange, but it seemed to cope with the load of two adults and three kids (around town!) no trouble at all.

When John was back on his feet after his 1982 motorbike accident (albeit pinned together in several places) an Austin Kimberly became his work vehicle. Didn't last long (surprise), but it was cheap!

John is obviously a slow learner re pommy rubbish and then bought a "nice" pink Marina 6 cylinder coupe. Very fast away from the lights, but ...

When Toyota released the Tarago in late 1982 John set his sights on one, and purchased one towards the end of 1983.

This was an ideal vehicle for a family needing to transport the sports team around!

Work cars around this time were a Suzuki Mighty Boy (1986) ..... and another Mini in 1988.

A move to Perth in 1989 and a new Holden Astra lease vehicle entered the garage.

The Astra was replaced with a new Suzuki Swift in 1991.

1992 brought along a (1987) Mitsubishi Colt for Carol.

In 1993 another Suzuki Mighty Boy was purchased to get to work. This went extremely well until the rubber-band snapped on the Freeway, dropping the valves into the top of the pistons!

These small cars were just fine around the south-west of WA, but John fancied something bigger for the large road distances in WA. A leased Ford Futura came on the scene in 1994.

In 1997 John purchased a Barina Joy for Carol.

Also in 1997, John believed the yarn that it would be great to do up an earlier classic. However, he rapidly discovered he could not afford to keep a Triumph 2500 S Mk2 in the style to which it would like to become accustomed!


1998 and John (and his thinner wallet) gave up on the Triumph and he purchased an old Mitsubishi Magna SE

Along came 1999 and John was able to get into another work lease vehicle - a new, just released, Ford Laser.

In March 2002 it was time for "John's new toy" ....... a beautiful Peugeot 206 GTi was the new work/lease vehicle. It stuck to the road like you know what, and went ridiculously quickly.

2004 and a Peugeot 307 was purchased as the new family car. Did everything required (and Carol loved it) but not as exciting.

2006 and a new Ford Escape was purchased - another part of retirement (to Broome!) planning. John took this vehicle on a full day off road course when it was just 3 days old. Whilst this was a great course (and no damage done!) John's wife was not very impressed that he might have scratched it :-) 

In 2011 the accountant said we should trade-in the Escape whilst it retained good value - but it only had 32,000k on the clock!
This model still fitted the bill, so along came ..... a new Escape!

In late 2015 ongoing medical treatment in Perth meant that Carol and John were spending an awful lot of time in Perth, staying with family. Whilst this was fine, most people prefer their own space. Consequently, a caravan (a 2007 Baily Senator Louisiana Serie 5) was purchased to use as "home". Of course, this also needed a more powerful car to tow it so the Escape was traded in on a 2011 Ford Territory AWD Turbo Diesel.


Come 2019, the caravan had been long gone and no longer needed a vehicle the size of the lovely Ford Territory. Time for a "toy" John thought, and set is heart on a convertible. Along came a rather spiffing, low mileage, 2007 Ford Focus Convertibe Coupe (CC).

Sadly, in 2020 came the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, with zero international travel, and only limited domestic. Trying to make the best of this situation, the Focuss CC was sold to make way for ........ a MOTORHOME! This was a low mileage 2006 Fiat Ducato Jayco Conquest Euro Edition - what a mouthful, and "Jay" for short.



    Well, doesn't everyone start with a push-bike? This was in 1959 in Suffolk, England.
    NSU Quickly S2-23

    John's first motorised (barely) transport was a 1962 NSU Quickly S2-23 that was purchased in 1965.
    Didn't last long, for no one told John that oil had to be pre-mixed in with the petrol!
    1959 Matchless G12

    John quickly progressed to his first "real" motor vehicle - a 1959 G12 Matchless, 650cc twin, with Busmar double-adult side-car, purchased in 1966. This was owned for a year before succoming to cars for a while.
    1971 Honda Dax

    A little 80cc Honda Dax was purchased for a bit of fun once in Oz', which folded up to fit in the back of the Holden HR wagon.
    1972 Honda CB250

    The mini got traded in on a brand new Honda CB250 in late 1972, supposedly for commuting between Gosford and Sydney. Wasn't a very "exciting" machine though and hence didn't last long! 

    When the boring Honda got too boring, a screamer (i.e. 2-stroke) Yamaha 125cc twin came on the scene.
    Suzuki GT250

    Why not a bit more 2-stroke grunt? John bought this Suzuki GT250 in 1975.
    Yamaha XS400 (broken!)

    This is where John nearly met his end in 1982 courtesy of a female driver going too fast on a wet road ...
    Not much left of his Yamaha XS400 and John in a similar state of disrepair!
    1984 BMW R100CS
    NB: for BMW aficionados, yes it is a CS, but it had a RS fairing fitted!

    It had been a long time since any bike riding, and the old second childhood got to John in 2003, with a 1984 BMW R100CS - just imported from Japan and with only 31,000km on the clock.
    2005 Peugeot Jetforce

    2005, and a Peugeot JetForce 125cc Scooter.The BMW was fantastic, but not very sensible for our future in Broome.
    2007 Bug Hawk

    2007 saw an upgrade of the Peugeot scooter to a Bug Hawk 250cc model.
    BMW R1150RT
    A week of bliss on this dream (2004) machine.

    Whilst not owned, John just had to mention this BMW R1150RT that he rented to go to Phillip Island MotoGP in September 2008. 2009, it appeared that renting a holiday bike in Tasmania was going to be very expensive, so why not buy one! Decision made, a 2003 Kawasaki 1000GTR was purchased in Brisbane in October 2009 and ridden the 4,800km home to Broome! weeks in Darwin Hospital in 2011 (with John having too much time on hand) resulted in the purchase of a lovely 2010 Harley Davidson XL883C Custom Sportster. then just when life was looking good, Carol is diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014. This entailed six months of treatment away from home in Perth. John lost-it somewhere in this period and purchased the then current (second) love of his life - a Spyder! This one-owner 2008 Can Am Spyder had only 2,800km on its clock when first purchased!

    In 2015, with so much time being spent in Perth, John decided he really needed a "town bike". As a result a rather sweet 2012 KTM Duke 200 was purchased. This will remain in Perth and be used to scoot around town and local countryside - should be good on a run to York :)

    However, whilst the KTM Duke 200  was a great machine around town, it was in fact a bit ouclassed on the coffee run to York. When a 2008 KTM Super Duke R was seen in a local dealer (who "forced" John to take a test-drive) it was lust at first sight - literally sex on wheels! It's ride is hard and uncompromising (as is the seat). However, it does provide that instant grin factor - literally, my absolute best bike (so far) .....

    This brings us up to 2018 and things got a little complicated around here, for new partner, Joann, loved riding on the back of a bike and the KTM was only a single seat. Sooooo, the new wheels became a 2016 BMW F800R in Broome and a big brother2015 BMW R1200T in Ellenbrook.

    In 2019 The RT was getting a bit heavy for John, and so a nice shiny yellow Spyder joined the stable - it was a 2018 Can Am Spyder F3-S with only 1,500km on the clock!

    2020 and a motorhome, which needed "wheels" when parked. A brand new (2020) KTM Duke 200 seemed to fit that particular bill quite niceley!